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VDCDS Auto-alignment and Calibration System

The VDCDS Simulation Control Suite (SCS) software application is a tool that performs day-to-day projector control activities, as well as total system calibration tasks that include one or multiple projectors in a coordinated arrangement. The software has three (3) major sections: Projector Control, Projector Calibration, and Geometry Calibration.

The Projector Control section communicates directly with the configured projectors to allow manual adjustments to the internal settings of the projectors.


The Projector Calibration uses color sensors located at each projector to perform automated calibration tasks such as: white point calibration, dynamic range optimization, and chrominance and luminance adjustments. Available calibration tasks are based on the availability of the appropriate projector control(s).

The Geometry Calibration generates frusta and FOV information to build a warp and blend data set using Scalable Display Technologies industry leading warp and blend technology. This data set  supplies simulator programs with the capability to warp and blend imagery to fit the contours of the screen and to create a single seamless image from a set of overlapping projected images. A combination of camera/sensor input and manual boundary adjustments is used to gather the necessary data of the projector-to-screen relationship to build the warp and blend data set. The method(s) of data gathering (e.g. camera images, manual alignment, etc.) is dependent, amongst other things, upon the type of screen and the number of projectors per screen.