TEMPEST – Client Systems

TEMPEST Zero Client

The AY-CD7724T is a TEMPEST Level 1 or Level 2 Zero Client System based on the ClearCube Technology CD7724 Zero Client solution. Zero clients have no local operating systems, memory, or storage, and they connect via AES256 encrypted protocol over a network to virtualized servers or dedicated blade PCs containing GPU host compression adapters. The AY-CD7724T includes connections for TEMPEST peripherals such as displays, mice, and keyboards; but all data and applications remain on virtualized servers or Blade PCs in the data center. Only pixels are transmitted from the host processors to the end points, yet the user experience is identical to a PC desktop.
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TEMPEST Thin Client

The AY-TC630-HP-L1 integrates the Hewlett Packard T630 Thin Client into a TEMPEST Unit.

Includes an integral NIC card provided by HP.  As part of the OEM configuration, it is configured for 100 Mbps and provides SC connectors on the rear panel.  The NIC supports IPv6 and PXE 2.0 and is configurable via the BIOS, it ships as enabled.  It also supports OEM Enterprise Device Management functions, is managed by Windows and is displayed in the Windows device manager.
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TEMPEST Thin Client All-In-One

The AY-A640F-HP-L1 integrates the Hewlett Packard T640 Thin Client with an embedded red/black KVM switch and 24” LED Display into a TEMPEST Unit. The AY-A640F-HP-L1 allows a single internal TEMPEST display, keyboard and mouse to access both high and low-side hosts.
The AY-A640F-HP-L1 has been tested and certified to meet the requirements of NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92, Level 1 and SDIP 27/2. 

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