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Military Applications

  • Military Grade LCDs
  • Military Vehicle Display Military
  • Standard Displays
  • Military Large Displays
  • Military Panel Mount Displays
  • Military Rack Mount Displays

Aydin Display’s Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Military Series offers a range of Flat Panel displays (LCDs) specifically designed for the COTS military marketplace. These displays are designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions because of the lightweight, power efficient and durable structures. The feature rich product line offers options for specific applications; including ground mobile, airborne, and ship board (submarine and surface warship).

Our variety of Flat Panel and Rack Mount Military displays for this series range from 12.0" to 57.0." We also make custom displays to match your specifications. Some models are capable of displaying ECDIS MAPS & Radar images. Other models are rated to MIL-S-901D, Grade A shock, MIL-STD-167 for vibration, and MIL-STD-461 for electromagnetic compatibility. We also offer displays with Sunlight Readable, Full Range Dimming (compatible with Night Vision Goggles), 12 & 24VDC operation, and a variety of Touch Screens. Aydin Displays can help you find a solution to any of your display needs.

  • Shipboard Displays
  • Military Training
  • Virtual Reality
  • Air Force Flight Training
  • Marines SAVT Program
  • MSAT Program
  • VRAT Program
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VDC Display Systems designs, develops and manufactures unique solutions for display requirements for military, medical and industrial uses with emphasis on high-end training and simulation applications. Its product offerings include ruggedized LCOS, CRT and AMLCD displays as well as complete projection display systems utilizing VDC Display Systems Marquee™, ESCP and SONY line of projectors. Its custom products include the industry’s highest rated ruggedized visual display system that are used in all mission-critical shipboard applications on US Navy carriers, Aegis class cruisers and destroyers.

  • IR Sensors
  • Targeting Displays
  • HUD
  • Radar Displays
  • Thermal Sensor
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Lexel Imaging has developed new products for a new generation of wheeled vehicles that are being equipped with anti-tank missiles using thermal sights. Lexel is participating in the effort by developing displays that not only present high-resolution IR images but also provide high brightness alphanumeric overlays for direct optical sighting.

Thermal imagers are well established on the world’s main battle tanks. A recent trend, to which Lexel has contributed, has been the introduction of thermal systems to armored personnel carriers. Uses include independent viewers for vehicle commanders and high-resolution sights for forward observation and air defense applications.

In addition to ground-based applications, Lexel displays are in place for use on the battlefield in the missile sighting systems of attack helicopters. Lexel displays are designed to handle the airborne as well as the ground mobile military environment.

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